Heritage Strategic Plan

The District of Mission contracted the consulting firm of Julie MacDonald Heritage Consulting and Sharon Syrette to create a Heritage Strategic Plan and on March 20, 2006 Council adopted it.

“The District of Mission’s Heritage Strategic Plan identifies short and long term objectives in a clear and achievable plan that will protect, promote and value heritage resources within the community.”

There are six guiding principles:

  1. Strategic PlanOur community identity is enhanced and strengthened by our “sense of place”.
  2. A knowledge of our shared past projects a continuity into the future.
    Doing business and developing a plan for the future must include a memory of what went before.
  3. Heritage conservation is an essential part of our community.
    It has important social, environmental and economic impacts on the community that benefit both residents and visitors.
  4. The spirit of our community is honoured.
    Our “heritage memory” is important because it builds on traditional knowledge and encourages us to carefully consider just how our decisions today will impact our heritage resources.
  5. Key heritage resources create legacies for the future.
    The knowledge we gain from them and our appreciation of their authentic qualities and aesthetics are important legacies for the future.
  6. Search for common ground.
    Initiate open and respectful communication, build on past studies and reports, and work in harmony with key stakeholders.