About Us

The Commission

Established by Council in January of 2007, the District of Mission Community Heritage Commission held its inaugural meeting on March 28th, 2007. The Commission is comprised of a representative/liaison from Mission Council and members from the Community-at-Large appointed by the Mayor & Council.

The current members of the Commission are:
Janis Laekeman (Chair)
Kaitlin Hodson
Michael Smith
Eric Poxleitner
Michelle Rhodes


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  • Advise Council on progress toward implementation of the Heritage Strategic Plan and on those items referred by Council
  • Assemble Task Groups, as needed, that will explore proposals for addressing actions outlined in the Mission Heritage Strategic Plan
  • Report to Council on its activities
  • Promote awareness of the importance of heritage to reflect economic, social, cultural, environmental, spiritual and aesthetic values
  • Provide the expertise of a culturally diverse group of people to connect groups, individuals, and heritage initiatives

Logo & Rack Card

In 2007, the Commission formed a Task Group to establish distinctive visual cues that promote and “brand” the Commission, including colors, fonts, logo and tag line.

The logo is an old fashioned key with stylized steps as the “teeth” of the key. It symbolically reflects the functions of the Commission and elements of heritage preservation.

The rack card incorporates elements from the District of Mission Coat of Arms and utilizes a recognizable heritage palette.